How Divorce Can Jeopardize Retirement

Spouses 50 and older often have similar questions when contemplating divorce: How will our retirement accounts be divided? Am I entitled to receive any of my wife’s/husband’s pension plan / 401(k)? Am I entitled to alimony? Will I have to pay my wife/husband alimony for the rest of my life? When will I be able…

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Receiving Attorney’s Fees in Alimony Actions

If you are seeking alimony from your spouse or ex-spouse, then you may also ask the court to order your spouse to reimburse you for the legal fees you incurred pursuing alimony. This also applies if you are seeking postseparation support, which is the name for temporary spousal support in North Carolina. Whether you are…

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Collecting Unpaid Child Support

child custody attorney

If the mother or father of your child has failed to pay child support as required by a court order, then you should be able to collect up to 10 years of the accrued balance owed. When a parent is ordered by a court (i.e., a “consent order” or an order entered by a judge…

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