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In business, your name and the goodwill it symbolizes are everything. The brand you worked hard to build could be your most significant asset. At Allman Spry, we are in the business of helping you protect your intellectual property and assets, whether that asset is a trade name, a trademark, a trade secret or a copyright. We represent multi-national corporations, local start-ups and everything in between.

Intellectual Property Trademark Winston-Salem Lawyers

Building lasting relationships with our clients has been and remains one of the hallmarks of Allman Spry.

Our attorneys provide clients with the legal guidance in a wide range of industries needed to maximize the value of their intellectual property and provide counsel on a host of IP issues, including:

  • Guidance in contested matters and IP-related litigation
  • Assistance with new trademark adoption, clearance and registration in the United States and elsewhere
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements and documents involving intellectual property matters, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, co-existence agreements and purchase, sale and licensing agreements
  • Assessments of a client’s proprietary rights and implementation of systems for the administration, protection and management of intellectual property


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Intellectual Property Law Attorney

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